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With more than a decade of ministry behind him, Pastor Vince Blennies has regionally become a both a distinguished name, and leading voice in proclaiming God’s provision, in a revelatory way. Not only is he a beloved and profound pastor to his congregation, he is also celebrated amongst others, as a loving mentor, motivational speaker and influential visionary.

As an emerging book author and established writer of thought provoking articles, Pastor Vince is also a highly sought-after conference speaker. His testimony and extolment to God for transforming mind-sets, revealing hidden truths and unlocking preclusive potential, impacts both church leaders and audiences alike. His humorous, dynamic and engaging approach to preaching God’s word has also endeared him to a wide spectrum of people, captivating audiences regardless of race or class.

  1. Background

Pastor Vince Blennies responded to God’s calling when he was still a teenager living in Polokwane, and so following the instruction to plant his ministry in Pretoria (the capital city of South Africa), came at a time when Pastor Vince and his wife Lady Belinda were focusing on growing their family and ministerial influence in and around the continent of Africa.

As a result of staying true to God’s calling, they thus, moved from Polokwane to Pretoria, were he became the co-founding member of Jabula Destiny Ministries International, which continuously grew, and continues to grow, from strength to strength. This growth, is a testament to God, having placed a undeniable apostolic and prophetic anointing upon his life.

Subsequent to having built and established the leadership and congregation of Jabula Destiny Ministries International, Pastor Vince actively fulfils the mandate God has given him for ministering and continuously endeavours to be faithful to the word of God, even if it means going against the stream of popular opinion.

JDMI | Pastor Profile III. Role and Responsibilities

Pastor Vince serves as a apostolic covering to various ministries in and around the greater Gauteng region. He possesses great anointing purported to impacting and influencing not only local communities, but cities and nations alike, thus making him a force to be reckoned with in the spiritual realm.

Pastor Vince firmly stands on the declaration of
2 Corinthians 5:7 “We walk by faith and not by sight.” Not only is he is a dynamic, knowledgeable and excellent teacher of the word of God; but he is also a prolific evangelist, prophet, and revelator as endowed by God. He is a pastor after God’s own heart. Pastor Vince also serves as a beloved counselor, advisor, and mentor to many in his growing sphere of influence.





Lady Belinda is a dynamic, gifted wife and mother of two wonderful children She is the co-founder of Jabula Destiny Ministries International, The Super Mega Church in Eersterust, East of Pretoria, South Africa.


Lady Belinda is a prayer warrior, a teacher, has a heart of a servant a true encourager to the body of Christ. She knows as a pastor’s wife, a woman really wants to be ministered to by one, who will hear, listen and pursue wisdom in regards to their personal needs. The ministry is also designed to encourage, persuade and increase confidence in women desiring to change their destiny to positive directions through and by the word of God. Lady Belinda is a woman who is real and who believes that we ought not to be plastic saints, whose lives bear no resemblance to our own. She is friendly, easy to get along with, but very authoritative both in her personal life and when she deals with Kingdom matters; she is passionate about order and therefore drives everyone around her to perfection and discipline.



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