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Why greet?Lady B Blennies
Matt 10:12-14(when you come into a house salute it,/ greet)
Greeting is an act of intentional communication, making your presence known to someone. We greet to let people know that they are special, to make them feel happy, to show them that they are cared for.
It communicates affection, peace, compassion, mercy and love.
When we moved to Pretoria I found it a bit odd/ difficult because in Polokwane we greet: it might be a stranger, people you know on the street, in the shops, waiting areas where ever , when ever you pass someone or find them waiting somewhere, at the Robots you greet. It does not matter, so when we moved here I was like a mad person passing people and greeting them and they would look at me with a strange face as if to say, you not from here, that’s not our culture.
I was shocked during the Christmas holidays when a teller at one of the clothing shops, commented on the kids greeting her when we reached her to pay, she said they where the first kids that greeted her when they got to her, she said other kids just come up to the counter and hand their goods to them as if they are invisible.
How are we raising our kids? Just to pass people as if they not important.
1 Thess 5:26(greet with a holy kiss)
It made me notice, our kids and not only the kids but parents too. We can come into a room sit down, or do our thing without greeting anyone, or find people standing/ sitting somewhere and only greet the person we know. Then we call ourselves believers.
Greeting is a sign of honor. You just showing the person you greeting that they matter. The Bible says in Rom 16:16 greet each other with a holy kiss.
That made me notice how parents can come in a room with their kids and they greet, but the kids don’t greet and it’s fine with the parents as if nothing is wrong, NO parents teach your kids to greet.
That’s where we missing it not teaching our kids the right things and they grow up thinking adults need to greet them first or that greeting is not important. They grow up thinking the world owe them something.
I also noticed in some household people will get up in the morning and not greet, or go to bed without greeting each other.
Greeting is a sign of honor. You just showing the person you greeting that they matter. The Bible says in Rom 16:16 greet each other with a holy kiss.
Pr 6:20– 22 … keep your fathers commandments, forsake not your mothers teaching…tie them around your neck………
what are we teaching our kids.
It might seem like a simple thing to say good morning, good night, good afternoon, hi, hello. But greeting I believe is the start of discipline, honor, respect, and it shows that you love God.
I have also noticed that when people have a disagreement they don’t greet the person they fighting with. The Bible says we must forgive each other, we must live in love, how can I say I love God and His people if I don’t greet His people.
These are some scriptures I found and believe they are related to greeting or not greeting.
Jer 17 : 10 God search the heart and test the mind ….giving Every man according to his ways and the fruit of his deeds.
What will you reward be? What type of fruit are hanging on your spiritual tree? How are you representing God and His kingdom?
Matt 21:43 the kingdom of God will be taken from you, and be given to people who produce fruit.
Is your behavior going to cost you the kingdom? Is acting out really worth loosing the kingdom? Is pride going to keep you from inheriting the kingdom?
Pr 28:9 if you turn your ear from hearing the law, even your prayers is a abomination.
So do introspection, check your prayer list and see how you are delaying God from answering your prayer. You are are the only one that’s keeping your blessing/ breakthrough away.
The Bible say greet each other with a holy kiss. Now for us it’s just a simple nod of your head, a smile,a wave, a hug, a kiss whatever, greeting is important.
Reasons I believe why people don’t greet:
I can greet people a 1000 time A day.
Greeting makes the person you greet feel special.
When I’m driving and a bakkie is in front of me or passes me with people on the back, I love to greet and see the people respond with smiles, because they did not expect it, at that moment I believe I just made their day.
Just a few tips:
Continue to smile, continue to greet if people don’t respond,don’t see it as an insult, see it as a loss for them. If they don’t see the value of others, then you don’t want them in your life.
Greeting matters because people matter.