Youth Ministry

The Shuttle

This is the youth wing of JDMI aimed at training the young generation of teenagers for the launch into the space of life. The shuttle instils discipline in the young generation and helps the overcome the system of peer pressure, which the devil uses to trap a lot of future leaders. This youth church is so vibrant and dynamic and very up to date with the trends, which attract the young generation. The youth pastor is Ashley Reeve Moses who has been involved with the youth and young generation for over 7 years. He has a very clear mandate endorsed by the Senior Pastors of JDMI. He is also very passionate about the young generation and has the personality and character attributes that allow him to cope with the adolescent changes of young people. The Shuttle also hosts an annual conference that is called Unchained where they invite vibrant speakers for 3 days to strongly



  • Friday 26 Jan  19:00
  • Friday 09 Feb 19:00
  • Friday 23 Feb  19:00
  • Friday 09 Mar  19:00

Champions in life are those that make this world a better place for the next generation to live in.


Have you ever started with something but never got to finish it. Have you ever wondered how can you get to starting over?Why is it that we wait for a ‘new’ chapter before getting into starting over?Join us on Friday 26 January 2018 as we go back to the beginning.

Missionary work

We believe in winning souls for Christ at all cost, as the word says he who wins souls is deemed wise, so we have dedicated to do that which makes us wise.